20 Inspiring About Pages to Get your Creative Juices Flowing

The “About Me” or “About Us” page rarely gets the care and attention it needs. Usually it is a dry-as-dust list of what the company has done and plans to do. But there are some awesome designers who put a lot of life and fun in the About page. Let’s take a look at the best of them.

Most websites spend a lot of effort on the Contact and Pricing pages. They pour their heart out in the Service pages. But not many care for the About pages. After all, that page doesn’t drive the users to take any action, it doesn’t sell anything, and there is no direct profit to be made from such a page. Business leaders and web developers assume that the visitors are not interested in such pages.

However, in a world where all the business has shifted to the web, people are more curious than even before to know who they are actually dealing with. Clients, customers, potential employees, affiliates and others who associate with a business check out the About page to find out something about the company. What they usually find is a bunch of figures and assurances about the quality of services and products offered by the business. At the best, there is a bit about the history, vision and mission of the company.

Even the best About pages appear flat and boring – they do not satisfy the visitors as there is no personality behind the words and images. Here, we take a look at superb About pages that compel users like the people behind the business. Most of these pages, naturally, belong to smart designers, but there are a few gems from other industries too. Enjoy!

Life In My Shoes

What’s Hot? Unless you read the content on the page, you will not even realize that this is a website working to check the spread of misinformation regarding HIV. The upbeat colors, the cool animation and human touch make this page awesome.

Life In My Shoes


What’s Hot? A collage of images, sketches, pictures of the employees having fun. And all this is interspersed with a subtle business pitch. This one is easily the most satisfactory and entertaining About page from the perspective of the visitor.

Doberman is an excellent about page design

Paid to Exist

What’s Hot? The simplicity with which the complete purpose of the organization is represented through the matches, gasoline can and fire makes this a great design. While the users has to scroll a lot, he gets a lot of personal information about the organization and the people behind it.

Paid to Exist Company's About us page

Mostly Serious

What’s Hot? This design approach has been copied by thousands of companies around the world, but most of them can’t get it right. The best part of this design is that it is funny, it is intriguing and the users can get information about people in the company though a single click.

Mostly Serious About Page Design

Transformation Projects

What’s Hot? The people on the page. They look like dreamy, hippie movie stars – they fulfill the stereotypical expectations from creative people. The cool colors on the page and the side pages (you get them when you click ‘read more’) gives a special, surreal feel to the whole company.

Transformation Projects

Disrupt University

What’s Hot? The whole design is amazing – it is not one of the most unconventional About pages. But any one who lands on the About page will naturally scroll and flow to other parts of the website and find more about the company and what it provides. I feel that this one is a very effective page as a whole.

Disrupt University

Roxanne Koranda

What’s Hot? I have soft spot for simple, one page designs. But there are too many of them around, and most of them do no have anything special on their About page. This one does. The overall design is smooth and inviting. On the About page, the image of the musical instrument and the personal content make Roxanne very likable and relate-able.

Product Sketching Guideline Roxanne Koranda

Trailer Park Truck

What’s Hot? Apart from designers, it is restaurants that have the guts to create awesome websites that ooze personality. This is a single page websites, and the About section is very attractive. Here, it is the words that are more effective than the image, but it works really well.

Trailer Park Truck - Not Your Mama's Home Cookin - Los Angeles CA

Vector Mills

What’s Hot? Just look at the page. All the pages have consistent looks and content. While the words are staid and sober, the design is lively. What I like the most is the picture of Ryan Putnam in that circle.

Vector Mill - About us page

Wing Cheng

What’s Hot? Sketches, doodles and handwriting are even more powerful than human images when it comes to conveying personality. This is one of the most unique websites and the idea to use a mind map as the About page is impressively original.

Wing Cheng - Graphic and Web Designer


What’s Hot? If you look at the content, you will see that it sticks to the standards – so the designer did not have much scope for creativity. But the design we see is playful and human – it is work well done.

Fi - The Interactive Firm's About us page

Dawghouse Design Studio

What’s Hot? Although this page is has a sober tone and traditional type of content, the simplicity of the words and the clarity of the message make is remarkable. There is just a single image of the individual, but against the light background it seems very personal and relatable. And yes, the banner is wonderful.

About page of Dawghouse Design Studio   Web Design and Graphic Design Tutorials  Inspiration and Freebies by Jan Cavan

Red Tiki

What’s Hot? The design oozes attitude and power. The images of all the birds with various expressions grab the focus of the users and set a certain mood. The content beneath the images is also equally off-beat and crazy. Full marks for originality.

Red Tiki is a Web Animation Multimedia service in Perth, Australia.

Just Dot

What’s Hot? A single page design that conveys hell lot more than most websites with hundreds of pages. The about section is your usual fare, from the content point of view. But the dark background of the page, inventive typography and quirky sketches make the page inspiring and entertaining.

Just Dot

Unstoppable Robot Ninja

What’s Hot? This website is created by the guy who made the idea of responsive web design popular. Not only does he have an awesome name for the site, but he also has some cool, comic-book type images at the top and the bottom of the page.

Unstoppable Robot Ninja


What’s Hot? The picture of the child and the very idiosyncratic banner at the top of the page. The quirky design elements the top and bottom make this a great page, while the simple and honest content conveys all the information clearly.

About page of Matt Mullenweg

Jared Christensen

What’s Hot? The measuring scale near Jared’s image and the mocking expressing on his face. What I loved most is the combination of the design with the funny content at the top of the page.

About page of Jared Christensen


What’s Hot? Everything. The fantastic and punchy content, the personality that comes through the words, and the image of the man himself make this one of the best About pages around. And the sense of humor is a big bonus.

About Gu_mundur Bjarni Sigur_sson Scandinavian Web Designer

Elliot Swan

What’s Hot? The question-answer format of the page is pretty cool and is executed well. But the charm of the page comes from the image of the slouching/relaxing on a chair in a lovely room. The content under the image makes the page personal and creates a bond between the visitor and the site owner.

It's all about me by Elliot Swan

Lord Likely

What’s Hot? The superbly-executed vintage newspaper design. The rather suggestive images gel well with the funny content and make the reader want to read ahead. While the page doesn’t convey the message perfectly, it is still lot more fun than most about pages.

Introducing Lord Likely Aristocratic Adventurer