15 Inspiring About Me Pages

“About Me” page is an essential part of every portfolio and business website. Presenting your personality in your design is very imperative and there is no better way to do it than on the About Me Page.
You can do it in many different ways according to your wish. You can do it either simple and short or detailed and colorful.

A good about me page not only grab a reader’s attention but also provide them with required information about you.

To view any of the about me page in action, just click the relevant image.

Tips to write an inspiring “About Me” Page

Before creating an About Me, you should know exactly what is the purpose for this page and where are you writing it. Following are a few tips to help you make your About Me page more impressive and attractive.

  1. Remember people want to know who you are, so be original, honest and open about yourself. Readers love it when you reveal the negativity in your personality along with positivity.
  2. You can also tell some inspiring story from your life experiences. A story may possess more power to hold a reader’s attention than general information.
  3. Don’t create very long About Me pages. The readers avoid the pages that hold long and detailed content. So the moment it starts to get boring and uninteresting, write the ending lines.
  4. An inspiring About Me page should not only look good but also it should serve the purpose of its creation.
  5. Be considerate about colors and styles you use. Quick leaps from bold colors to soft ones or different styles can leave a poor impression on reader.
  6. Put some impressive academic or experimental stuff. To create an inspiring About Me page, you need to show your genius side to the readers.
  7. Make sure that you use clear words in your sentences. If your page holds any confusion or ambiguity, the readers might prefer leaving it.
  8. Use your favorite quote or saying and tell the readers how it inspired you. It is a great way to communicate and make a connection with readers.
  9. Save a little space for “About You”. Tell the readers what you expect and what you wish to do with their help.
  10. Make sure that the theme, color combination and design of your page is getting along with your written information.

About Me Page Examples

Adam Dannaway

Adam Dannaway’s page is a simple and to-the-point illustration of his ideas and skills. The simplicity in an attractive way makes it more inspiring.

Adam Dannaway has the coolest about me webpage


This designer from Sweden made his About Me page inspiring and unique by taking an overhead shot of himself unlike the usual pictures. With bold typography, page’s visual interest has been enhanced.


James A. Reeves

This page from James A. Reeves is neat and simple example of inspiring About Me page. It allows the large scale photography in the background of page.

James A. Reeves About Me page


This artistic page from Janis is very eye-catching and attractive. The artist’s life, thoughts and aesthetic style is displayed with the help of soothing colors. Large picture makes the page more captivating.

About me page of a designer


This is another example of a simple and to-the-point About Me page. The addition of a large self-portrait makes the page more in-connection with readers.

Dan's Homepage

Jared Christensen

Jared Christensen used his self-portrait on right side of page in a humorous way. Choice of colors and style clearly gives the readers an insight to his personal life.

Jared Christensen's about me page

Alex Dawson

Alex Dawson presents his About Me page in a very simple and functional way. The page is created in a way that readers find it easy to browse through the desired info.

Alex Dawson



The about me page for Egopop includes a large picture of designer with his biography and history in a simple way.

Egopop's funky about me section

Mark McGall

Mark’s about me page is skillfully done with the superimposition of face on Mount Rushmore. This features adds a certain kind of exclusivity in page.

Mark McGall has a classy about me example


This is a simple and classy example of about me page by Leon.  The monochromatic color combinations and clear typography adds a wonderful impact on page.

Who is Leon

Kitchen Sink

The about me page by Kitchen Sink is simple yet highly captivating. It makes the reader curious, compelling him to read more and more.

Kitchen Sink

Lord Likely

This page is inspired by the Victorian era theme with old world style in an attractive way. The old style makes it impressive for readers.

Lord Likely

Floating Asian Kid

This page is intriguing and captivating with a beautiful design. The concept behind floating Asian kid displays the owner’s thought in an inspiring way.

Floating Asian Kid

Toby Powell

Toby Powell’s page is another example of simple yet stirring about me page. It induces the readers to explore more about the owner.

Toby Powell has an abstract about me page

David DeSandro

This about me page includes wonderful combination of rightly chosen colors and clear typography. The page is both modest and fascinating.

David DeSandro


Whether you go for a fancy and colorful about me page or a simple and classy one, make sure that you are giving the reader something positive and informative. Now get the motivation from these examples and be ready to create your own About Me page.