5 Hot Startups Every Web Designer Should Know

The previous years have proven to be the golden age of the web design industry. This growth has been driven by a growing number of startups, each providing creative solutions to unique problems.

These solutions make intelligent web apps, these are the apps that look good, payout good conversion rates, open speedily and do many other things. All in all, these startups help us create web apps that work.

The author of this article, Joe Hewitz has taken the time to review good startups resulting in a list of our five favorites that we think you should check out.

Webydo – www.webydo.com


Founded on the idea that making a better web starts with empowering designers, Webydo gives them full control of the web design process. The completely web-based design platform provides designers with everything they need to take their projects from drawing board to published on the web. Moreover, the platform allows designers to manage hundreds of client websites from a single cloud-based CMS.

Though it may not be the only such platform in existence, its unique combination of code-free web creation, pixel-perfect design studio, and community-driven feature set help it stand out.

2. Mobile Roadie – www.mobileroadie.com

Mobile Roadie

In a very similar vein, Mobile Roadie gives designers the necessary tools to create professional mobile apps without any coding. Think of it as the Webydo of the iOS and Android world.

With their easy to use app creator, designers can set up a mobile devices presence for themselves and/or their customers in a matter of minutes. In addition, designers can create custom themes to maintain a unique look and feel based on project needs.

3. Asana – www.asana.com


Most freelance web designers struggle with time management. Asana is a web and mobile app that allows seamless teamwork without the annoyance of long and weary email threads.


Asana was founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz who both worked on improving the productivity of Facebook employees. Asana may not be revolutionary, but it is definitely one of the better task sorting apps out there.

4. Folyo – www.folyo.me


One of the most difficult aspects of starting a successful design career is finding the right clients. Recent startup Folyo aims to change all that. The service sets out to match a client’s needs to a designer with the best skill set to tackle the project.

Folyo maintains a high standard of excellence by hand picking the designers it represents which in-turn boosts client trust. Ultimately, this service gives new and experienced designers a reputable way to build their clientele while avoiding the bad apples.

5. Designer Fund – http://designerfund.com

Designer Fund

Designer Fund is an interesting company with a mission of driving startups through a design centric approach. In addition to financial support, Designer Fund creates teams of experienced designers to build brands and encourage success through all aspects of design. If that wasn’t enough Designer Fund has proven to be a champion of best practices in the design community.

While these five startups are certainly good, this list is far from exhaustive, so go explore some others!