5 Effective Tips to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Being a photographer is great – it is fun as a hobby; also, you get amazing quality pictures of the most important events in your life and can share these moments with your future family. It is also great to constantly learn something new and become a better and better professional in everybody’s eyes.

More to it, you can also make money from photography. But as you know, the customers will not come running to you by themselves, that is why you need to promote yourself as a photographer and also show off your work online. You may get a few customers from recommendations that your family and friends made but without online promotion, you will not go far.

To learn how to promote yourself as a photographer properly, you can use some social media advertising examples and also check out the tips that we are going to share with you below: starting with social media and ending with writing articles about photography.

Tip #1: Promote Yourself on Facebook

Most online businesses have a Facebook page; therefore, if you want to promote yourself online, you should too. But always keep it in mind that it is not enough to just have an existing Facebook page and do nothing about it. You need to schedule a time when you will be creating and sharing your content.

If you start lacking ideas of what kind of content you could share, then go and check out some photographers that you like and see what they do with their Facebook pages. You could share some moments from the photoshoots, some “behind the scenes” moments, valuable tips about photography, all kinds of offers, and so on.

Tip #2: Share Valuable Tips and Insights on LinkedIn

Another social media platform that you should consider involving in your online promotion strategy is Linkedin. Recently Linkedin is growing, and more people tend to spend their free time scrolling it than before. Before, we only used Linked as our online CV – only in those moments when we were searching for a job because there was nothing else to look at. 

But today, you can brand yourself as a professional in your field. A photographer, who knows his job very well and is even willing to share some tips and valuable insights. And if the information is truly interesting and useful, you will start receiving reactions, and more people will learn about you and want to connect with you.

Tip #3: Become an Influencer on Instagram

As a photographer, you should not forget to use Instagram for your promotion. Instagram is a completely visual social media platform, and the main object that you are selling is visual as well. So go ahead and take advantage of it.

You can promote yourself on Instagram in many ways. You could share your work, share special offers, promotion codes. But it is best to find people and brands that you can collaborate with. For example, if you sell prints of your photography, you can start working with galleries and exhibitions. This may lead to you promoting a gallery or having an exhibition of your own.

Tip #4: Use Pinterest to Get Noticed

There are a couple of ways you can use Pinterest to promote yourself as a photographer online. One of the ways is to create boards with photography tips and include tips that were created by you as well. Do not forget to place your brand on your picture with the tips and a link to your website.

Another way is to have a few posts with infographics that you created yourself or had some help to create. People who use Pinterest like infographics and tend to pin them to boards. The third way is to create wallpapers from your photographs – both for Desktop and Mobile versions.

Tip #5: Create a Website

Creating a website doesn’t cost much – all you need to do is come up with a domain name and purchase a website theme. You can also easily find free website templates. Here, you can start selling a license to use your work for outdoor advertisements, flyers, graphic design, and whatnot. You can even start selling prints of your photographs.

Another idea is to have a blog on your website – here you can share useful tips and experiments that you perform on your work. Then, you can share this article via Linkedin – this way, more people will know you have an official website where they can purchase your work.