3D Tattoos that are Unbelievably Brilliant

The idea of 3D tattoos is great but it takes an incredibly skilled artist to use 3D to its full potential. Good thing is, there are many such artists working in the market.

So today, I’m sharing a collection of the greatest 3D tattoos you can find.

This post is divided into two sections, first one contains 3D tattoos for women and the second part contains 3D tattoos for men. However, you must realize that not all tattoos are gender specific. There can be a tattoo that I have placed in the female section but you find it aptly manly and would like to get it yourself. Similarly, women may find a 3D tattoo from the latter section of the post appealing. If that happens, it’s completely natural.
I have only distributed them because of the picture. If the person in the picture was a female, then I have placed the tattoo in the first section (ladies come first, right) and if the picture consisted of a guy, I placed him below.

Most of these tattoos are a little harsh, if you’d like something more wisely or something more loveable, then please check out my previous collections of tattoos of quotes and romantic tattoos.

3D Tattoos for Women

One of the best 3D tattoos for women that I found.

3D back

3D tattoo on a leg. This one is my favorite from the list that’s why I wanted to show it you first.

3D Leg Tattoo

Oh my god, what a brilliant art work.

3D Leg Tattoo

Spirals is an optical illusion tattoo. This is a rare kind of tattoos so that’s why I wanted to show it early on as well.


I am absolutely stunned with the artwork on this one.

Full back female tattoo in 3D

Full back dragon tattoo for females.

Dragon Back

These tattoos can be worn by a couple and friends can get this tattoo as well. Just imagine, five friends all got 3D spiders on their shoulders all the time.

3D Spider Tattoos

The flying butterfly on your shoulder. We’ve had spiders, so let’s find something exact opposite.

The flying beauty

Full back 3D butterfly tattoos.

Really cool butterfly tattoos for your back

The big one.

The big one

This tattoo may confuse me if I get it. I’ll just keep trying to shake off the bug off my foot.

This tattoo may confuse me if I get it. I'll just keep trying to shake off the bug off my foot.

A 3D tattoo gives you wings.

Gives you wings

This is another full back 3D butterfly tattoo set.

3D butterfly tattoos

Have you ever watched Disney cartoons?

Disney back tattoo

If the above one is too colorful for you, here’s something in black and white.

Black and white 3D tattoo

If full back tattoos are too much for you, then how about something subtle and simple.

Subtle and simple 3D tattoo

How about something NOT subtle and simple.

3D tattoo

Here’s another eye tattoo but this one is a little lighthearted.

The eye of the beholder

Brace yourself! Japan is coming.

3D eyes

3D Tattoos for Men

And now let’s have a 3D tattoos for men.

Terminator tattoo in realistic 3D

Keep faith.

Keep faith

Good lord, the details on this one.

Highly detailed 3D tattoo

A colorful misery.

A colorful misery

Show no emotion, feel no pain.

Blood drained 3D tattoo

You have reached a brick wall.

You have reached a brick wall

Okay, I see the tattoo, but I don’t see a point.

3D funny tattoo for men

Rocky theme music starts playing in my head *eye of the tiger*.

3D tiger tattoo

A little something for scorpions.

3D scorpion tattoo

One of the best 3D tattoos that look realistic.

One of the best 3D tattoos that look realistic

And this, this is the kind of tattoos that I like. That don’t shout but silently say a lot.

Snake skin

For the adventurer in you.

3D tattoos for the advernture loving men

Full back 3D tattoo for men.

Full back men

I mean wow, just wow.

Black men