35 Hilarious CSS Puns That Make Even Non-Designers Laugh

Cascading Style Sheet, or commonly known as CSS, is a widely common Stylesheet language that accompanies HTML. CSS is what allows the web designers to stylize web layouts.

Any webpage would look bland without the use of CSS up to some extent. This is why CSS is highly popular among front-end designers. This community of web designers is a closely-knit community that possesses a sense of humor that will likely appeal to the masses.

Although the job of a front-end web designer is not that easy when it comes to molding a webpage exactly as desired, they sure do feature a humorous side to themselves and it reflects in the posters below.

What happened is that a few days web designers discussed CSS puns on social media websites such as Reddit. Some of them were really funny!

So, the good guy Saijo George, an SEO consultant based out of Melbourne, curated all the good CSS puns into realistic looking code snippets. The results were outrageous.

These posters were a take on the funny side of this language and how daily life could be related with it. These lines of code were based on the different tags and attributes of CSS Stylesheet language and they were recreated with some daily life incidents and people. Most of these posters will even appeal to the masses who aren’t designers or don’t know about the technicalities implied by them.

Funny CSS Puns

There’s no fear when you’re having fun.

No Fear

Good artists copy, Great artists Steal!


Sob! Sob!

CSS Puns

When Eminem Raps…


This is for you Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter CSS Pun

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Hulk is a variable.

The Hulk

The viewfinder.



Bambis Mom

Ikea designs tables.


Maybe the reason why Hobbits don’t wear shoes.


The Illuminati!



Everyone loves Infiniti Pools!

Infinity Edge Pools

Lego – The building blocks.


How do you even travel on one of these?


Time to flex those muscles.


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Talk about privacy!


The thing with obesity.


Final Score: Moses 1-0 Water


Religious upbringing.

Religion CSS Puns

Yomama is so fat…


You have failed this city!

Oliver Queen

Time for some chemistry.

Periodic Table CSS Puns

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Welcome to the 99%

Rich People

And it all started with a Big Bang!

Big Bang


And that was how it was built!

Tower of Pisa

Error 404 – Planes not found.

Bermuda Triangle

Marijuana laws in the USA.

Marijuana Laws in USA

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The Great Wall of China.


The wife is always right.


The man who won an argument with his wife.

Chuck Norris

So, enter the world of CSS Puns and savour the lighter side to front-end designing. CSS is an extremely flexible stylesheet language and is put in use by some of the biggest websites on the internet. Developed over 18 years ago, CSS is style one of the widely used stylesheet language for designing HTML pages. There are many CSS tutorials and freebies available on the web to get you started on this stylesheet language to make your webpages even more beautiful and appealing.

So, what did you think about these funny CSS puns? Which of these tickled your funny bone the most? Have any more original suggestions to add to the list of these CSS puns? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.