30 Hilarious Pick-Up Lines and Dirty Talk Examples by Designers

A few weeks ago, we published a collection of CSS puns as a joke but you guys liked it a lot. So today, I thought why not try it again. This is a collection designer puns.

Have you guys ever imagined if we, the designers, talked dirty using our own designing jargon, what would it sound like? You don’t have to imagine now. There’s a tumblr user who did it and now everyone knows what it sounds like.

I went through this tumblr account and checked out more than 350 examples. From those 350, I have selected 32 hilarious ones and sharing it here now.

The first half of this post consists of straightforward pick-up lines while the second half contains my favorite romantic kind of lines. They’re not really dirty but rather sweet.

If you can also think of a cheesy pick-up line or anything dirty in design lingo, do use the comments box below.

Note: If you use any of this line in public, Designzzz.com bears no responsibility for the repercussions.

I’m beginning with a simple example, as the post goes on, they’ll get a little dirtier.

I wanna see what’s underneath those layers.

Infographics are serious business, but this post isn’t about seriousness.

Zoom me in and drag me around.

Dat front-end!

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Let’s place our files somewhere and forget.

Let’s kern “U” and “I” together.

Bring it to front and never send it back.

You make me bold!

Every photoshop lover understands what this means.

I will love every pixel of you.

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I’m well experienced in Ctrl + Z.

Let me do it for you.

Because these layers are hiding the beautiful layout.

And I’m a player.


I’ll be your lorem, you’ll be my ipsum, together we’ll fill each other’s empty spaces.

My fonts love your type.

I know just the right buttons.

Navigate through me.

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And I’m the right type for you.

Let there be no negatives and no spaces between us.

And never hit Ctrl + U.

And then delete command history.

I’ll process you all you want.

Because I think I’m compatible with you.

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This one is my favorite from the list.

Wise words from the elder designer.

That’s what happens if you install too many add-ons.

That’s it for today. Did you like it? Would like me to keep sharing such posts?

And once again, if you have a line of your own, don’t forget to share using the comments below.