25 Cool and Cute Valentine Vector Illustrations

Once again, the loveliest day of the year is just around the corner so I thought let’s collect some Valentine’s day illustrations.

For this year, I decided to share a collection of vector illustrations because vectors are the type of artworks that don’t lose quality when they get expanded. This something they have in common with real-life love (am trying to be too cute?). So this is a collection vector illustrations themed for St. Valentine’s day.

Most of these illustrations are available in high resolution so they can be used as Hi-Def wallpapers. I have set the 4th last image as my wallpaper. Tell me which of these illustrations would you set as your desktop wallpaper.

Vector Illustrations for Valentine’s Day

Will you be my Valentine?

You are teaching me to smile again.

Valentine's Day Illustrations

My Valentine

The purest of love is a child’s love.

Children illustration for valentine's day

I present you my heart

My heart is all I have for you, but this is all you will ever need.

Valentine's day character illustration

St. Valentine’s Day Card

Hello, I have this balloon filled with love.

Valentine's day card



Vector valentine's day card

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Roses for Valentine’s – Utopia

Love is equal to living in utopia.

Female and roses


A couple in love need little else.

The couple in love


Sticky and Sweet



Oh My Precious One

Can I have your precious heart?

Vector cat

Valentine’s Hearts

This is a Valentine’s day card design.

Valentines day vector hearts

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This is a vector design with lots of free space where you can write your message.

Rays of the heart

“I Love You” in 100 languages

Love in 100 languages

Happy Valentine’s day

This can be used as an e-card.

Happy Valentine's Day

Be My Valentine

This is probably the cutest Valentine’s day vector graphic I have ever seen. It’s so koochie koochie koo.

Cute little bunny