11 Impactive Cover Letter Templates (Free Download)

Cover letter templates help us devise the second most important tool of job hunt, cover letters.

A cover letter is anything that is enclosed with any other document or parcel of goods. This letter contains answers to the 5Ws.

Cover letters are most commonly used to be sent with resumes and CVs.
When you send a resume to a company, you are also supposed to send a cover letter explaining which job are you applying for, how did you hear about that job and why do you find yourself apt for the job.

While a resume stays almost the same, covers letters can change drastically depending on each application.

It can change drastically because it is customized according to each job description and each company’s style of working.

Usually, these cover letters are kept extremely brief, absolutely to-the-point. So changing them altogether is not as great a deal as it sounds.

Today we are sharing a collection of free Microsoft Word cover letter templates that help you dazzle your interviewer even before he/she sees your resume.

But first, let me jot down some important cover letter writing tips.

Writing a Killer Covering Letter

There are basically four rules that should you follow, you’d have no problem getting through to the interviewer.

  1. Put yourself in interviewer’s shoes: When you start writing your letter, don’t think what you want to tell, rather what does the interviewer want to know.
  2. Remind the interviewer what they are looking for: It is important to convey that you read the job description carefully so you are reminding him/her what they wanted. Follow it up with how you can fit that description.
  3. Mention your biggest achievements: If you have received a gold medal in university or done anything else amazing (related to the job you are applying),mention it right here even if it is mentioned in your resume.
  4. Keep it simple: Even though your interviewer is unlikely to be a stupid person, but everyone likes the person who tells everything clearly and in a simple manner.
  5. Keep it brief: Yes!

Now let’s move on to the free cover letter templates we promised.

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Free Cover Letter Templates Word Format

As usual, we are providing the all-in-one download file. Just use the form below to get your download link emailed to your mailbox.

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Cover Letter Templates by Apollo

Apollo has created two templates, extremely similar to one another. I’m including only one screenshot here but the download file contains both templates.

Cover Letter Templates by Apollo

Cover Letter Template for Young Graduates

If you are a young person just stepping into the mainstream, this is the cover letter template for you.

Young Graduate Cover Letter


Susan Ireland’s Cover Letter

Susan Ireland, the resume writing specialist has drafted this letter. She has given it as an example only, please don’t consider this one as the best letter from the list.

Cover Letter Template by Susan Ireland

Returning After Break Cover Letter

If you took a break from your career, for any reason, then you need this cover letter draft.

Career Break Template

Template for Currently Employed Persons

Staying employed always is not easy in this world. If you are currently unemployed, you’d need this cover letter co get hired again.

Unemployed Cover Letter

Classic Cover Letter

This one is not only a cover letter template, this one is also a cover letter drafting guide.

Cover Letter Templates by SquawkFox


Microsoft’s Free Cover Letter Templates

Simple Cover Letter

This is a simple cover letter template by none other than Microsoft.

Simple Cover Letter Template by Microsoft

Cover Letter Template with Salary Expectation

This cover letter also contains mention of the salary that you expect from this job.

Microsoft Template with Salary Expectation

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Bonus Resources

Online Cover Letter Creator

Even though this is an online creator but you wouldn’t need it if you have downloaded the templates given above.
I personally felt that the writing is a little substandard here. Not that up-to-the-mark that a cover letter should have. However, the tool is free so no point not giving it a try.

Cover Letter Creator

Cover Letter Creator

Amazingly, this is a download-able software application that lets you create cover letter templates. I have not installed it personally but it is very very highly rated.

Protip: Use the “direct download” link on the bottom left corner to download, otherwise CNet’s own download first gets downloaded and then you get the real file.

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 Cover Letter Software

That’s all folks. See you tomorrow.