12 Free Word Cloud Generators for Creating Powerful Presentation

The use of word clouds for illustration or explanation or presentation can never be overemphasized; hence word cloud generators are handy tools that should be in the kit of every presenter or illustrator or analyst.

What are Word Cloud generators?

Word Cloud generators or tag cloud generators are tools which can automatically generate a tag cloud of words which can be submitted via a URL or text file.

A Chinese proverb tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words. But when words and images are combined together, they pass a more powerful message to their onlookers, and that’s what Word cloud generators do. They help us combine the power of words with the power of images.

Word cloud creators are mostly used by teachers and people who are making presentations. They are used in presentations to add bold words in graphical manner. As a result, they have become a very important tool of e-learning. This is because they make things clearer and help us understand them better and quicker.

In addition they add some sort of excitement to presentations as they prevent your audience from getting bored and keep their focus in the right place.

So here are 12 outstanding word cloud tools and generators that you should check out. Each tool can be used in a unique way to facilitate the creation and study of word clouds.

One of these word cloud creators can help students analyze a group of text using more than just the generated cloud, another allows the user to be creative with the cloud shape, and there’s one other that connects words in the cloud to web pages! Isn’t that awesome?!

Note: don’t miss the last one. That’s my favorite in the list.

So without much further ado…

Word Cloud Generators and Tools


Worlde is the most popular word cloud generator you can find on the web. It has been around for a very long time and does not require you to sign up or anything before you can use it. However it requires JavaScript plugin installed for it to work.



Google Chrome users may experience problems using Worldle due to the JavaScript issues so you can opt for other browsers. Don’t be dismayed though, there are several other alternatives, and they are listed below.


The biggest feature of WordArt is that you can incorporate shapes. You can make shapes of your word clouds. That can be your name, your logo or anything else. This is something Wordle cannot do. The only downfall of WordArt is that you will have to sign up before you can use it, but the good thing is that registration is free.


Mum word cloud

Tagul is one of the best word cloud generators

Daniel Soper’s Deluxe Word Cloud Generator

This world cloud kit is absolutely free and allows you to create a deluxe word cloud for virtually any text. It has a simple interface and is very very easy to use.

To create your cloud, you only have to type or paste some text into the box provided. After this, you click the “Draw Cloud!” button and voila! You can also customize the way your cloud will look by choosing different options in the “Word Cloud Options” pane.

danielsoper word cloud generator

To save the word cloud you have generator, right click on the word cloud and click on “save as”. Simple as ABC, right?

Word it Out

This is one of my favorite word cloud generators in this list. You don’t need to sign up before you can use it, nor do you need to install a JavaScript plugin either.

It is fairly simple to use but powerful enough to give you desired results. I had fun hitting “Random Settings” again again. It kept generating word clouds with different random settings.

Word It Out

You might also find these Data Visualization tools for research and presentations useful.

Tag Crowd

Tag Crowd is a very simple word cloud generator to the point that it may bore you at the end. There are no advanced options but it is incredibly quick. You just paste the text, or link to the webpage and it generates the word cloud.

There are no options to change background color or magnify one particular word. But yet again, the simplicity and quickness is unparalleled.

TagCrowd is an incredibly simple word cloud generator

There one more thing though, that makes Tag Crowd fantastic. After creating your word cloud, there’s an option to embed it on a website, print it, or convert it to a PDF. Nice eh?

Image Chef’s Word Mosaic Creator

Although it feels quite amateurish in nature, Word Mosaic Creator can give you impressive results. If you want to create a cool graphic for your Facebook without spending much time or making an effort, this is the tool you should use.

There’s a downfall though – it leaves a watermark on the world cloud image generated, which may not go down well with some people.

Image Mosaic Creator

Visual Thesaurus

To be honest, Visual Thesaurus is not really a word cloud generator but it does create a similar effect. Like a thesaurus, what it does is that it creates a map of your given word with its synonyms.

Unlike Word Mosaic Creator, Visual Thesaurus is is strictly a professional tool- for aspiring wordsmiths and grammarians, you might say. And this is probably the reason why it costs a little once your free trial has expired.

Visual Thesaurus

Jason Davies’ Word Cloud Maker

This one has to be one of the most fun word cloud generators of them all. It has a simple layout, simple, easy to understand controls, and is also incredibly simple to use. In addition to this, it returns eye-catching results, which is what most presenters are looking for.

Jason Davies Word Clouds


Wordsift is similar to Jason Davies’ Word Cloud Maker but it has more compelling features and attributes. There’s an improved, better interface with lots of customized designs. There are also 5 different word cloud styles which you can choose from. You can call it an upgrade to Jason Davies. Yes. I. do.

word cloud generator wordsift

Furthermore, it’s easy to use and get this – Wordsift makes a Google search about your most prominent word and displays image results right there on the web app. Apart from this, there’s an online thesaurus for your use. Sweet.


Next is Tricklar, a world cloud generator which creates word clouds from words contained in news articles (and other articles) around the world found on the web.

Tricklar is unique, it is different from the other word cloud generators.  This is because it doesn’t require you to input words to generate word clouds. Instead, there’s a table where you input the location, time period and category of articles of your choosing and bam! It generates your word cloud. The interface looks something like this:

tricklar word cloud generator

You can also change the font, font color and background of your word cloud. You can also make it look like a circle, rectangle, triangle or you can go for the default shape.

word cloud generator tricklar

And yes, Tricklar word cloud generator is owned by Tricklar, a news website- in case you’re wondering.


ABCya is a website dedicated to children learning. They have a word cloud generator for teachers.

This Word Cloud creator is similar to Wordle and is also simple to use. It is considered a great alternative to the foremost word cloud creator. In addition, you don’t need to register or login to the site to access this tool or use it.


Furthermore, you can manipulate the word cloud you’ve generated by utilizing the slider bar at the bottom to adjust the amount of words used, or by making use of the toolbar at the top of the word cloud.


I saved the best of the word cloud generators for last. This is an incredibly impressive tool that helps you create word clouds exactly the way you want to. You can create shapes with your word clouds and you can customize them in any other way you want.

Creators of Tagxedo boast that it has a few extra qualities which you can’t find in most other Word Cloud Generators, making it to stand out. After visiting the site, you’ll notice these features; it is highly interactive (no server round-trip), has fast cloud generation time, custom shapes and themes.

Furthermore, it has a powerful layout engine, and you can customize fonts with lots of options available. Most importantly, the interface allows the user to save “word clouds” as PNG and JPG image files.


The tool is absolutely free and does not leave watermarks or any of such rubbish.


Word Clouds are great ways to get your audience thinking about your presentation or any topic in a new light. Use these best free word cloud creators to make things clearer, simpler, and allow them embrace their ingenuity and focus on key concepts in new ways.

Okay. That’s all for now. See you next time.