10 Breath Taking Digital Art and Photography of Nature

This is a small, but, of the highest quality collection of some digital artworks that incorporate real photos as well. All for your inspiration.

In this collection, I have added some of my favorite digital artworks that are based on the theme of nature landscapes and also include some photographic elements.

I love to make these mini posts that don’t waste your time but do fuel you up for the coming day.

Most of these images are in portrait orientation so think about making them your mobile phone wallpaper because I believe they’d look really good there. I’m using that heart shaped plant as my wallpaper.

Nature Digital Artworks

This photographic-painting is called True Painting and you can very well guess why it is called so.

True Nature by Varges

This spiritual artwork is called Nature Spirit. This artwork may not like it in the beginning but if you look closely, it is an incredibly detailed one.

Nature fairy

The artist calls it Nature’s Domain but I like to call it “nature’s innocent demon.” I call it so not particularly for the demon for its innocent look and the resemblance nature itself has to a demon. It is outrageously powerful, yet most of the times, it is serene and calm.

The deamon of the night

Nature is an artwork that uses real photos. This is a basically a photo manipulation. I used to make a lot of posts, not making many these days. If you’d like to check out some really cool photo manipulations, do check this showcase.

Green eyes

I think this is a little plant. It’s branches are creating the universal symbol love. Nature want to love us, that’s nature’s nature, but are willing to reciprocate?

Nature of love

This one is not really an artwork but a pure photograph. The reason it looks so cool is that it is using a trick photography technique called long exposure. What they do in this type of photography is that they leave the shutter open for a longer period of time so the camera catches the motion in a still shot.

The power of nature

How appropriate it is to place this iconic nature quote in this post dedicated to nature. If you have a favorite nature quote, please do share it in the comments section below.

Nature finds a way

In this artwork, the trees in the front are actually taken from a photograph. I know they look like they have been painted but actually this is a photo which has been done a lot of fixing.


Those eyes remind me of something utterly horrific. Do you guys have seen the eyes of that little girl who survived the nuclear attack in Hiroshima? These eyes remind of that. It’s the mixture of fear, atrocity and natural beauty that has made me place this image here. I hope you’ll understand what I’m feeling right now.

Haunting eyes

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